In 2009, we took over the Wahler Company from Delmenhorst, an established manufacturer of wire strapping machines, which are primarily used in the concrete tile industry.

Having been developed, tested and optimized for more than two decades, they grant the reliable, environmentally friendly and economic strapping of stacked tiles.

Our team will further develop this proven system for the durable strapping of paving stones, curbstones, concrete grass pavers, bordering tiles, furrow and hollow tiles, palisades, embankment tiles, L- and U-tiles, small cobblestones, hollow blocks etc. and we will contribute our own ideas and technical improvements.

Our customers' wishes and proposals will be taken into account with pleasure.

In 2010 we have expanded our program with the products of a partner company.

Newly available are machines for strapping with PP- and PET-straps. We offer a complete program ranging from simple hand-held tools for mobile use to table devices to machines for the automated strapping of whole palettes. In addition to standard designs, individual devices can be supplied, which are adapted to the customer's requirements. Periphery devices like film positioners, feeding and transporting systems for the strapping material, lettering or labelling devices etc. are also available.